Media Lynx was a production company that designed, illustrated, and edited online and traditional textbooks for technical and educational publishing. Major projects included Grades K-6 Math programs for the states of Texas and California for the publishing company Harcourt. We prepared teacher guides, workbooks and textbooks (see below - click on photo for larger version).

I started as a production artist doing page layout and technical illustrations and was promoted to Technical Production Manager supervising 8 in-house artists and providing direction to off-shore production teams in India.
Teacher guides were prepared in two volumes (approximately 600 pages per volume) for each grade. The guide incorporated page views of the student textbooks and lab/worksheet materials. Teacher guides were not complete until all ancillary material was prepared and passed quality control.
The text book and worksheet pages in the teacher's guide contained the answers, hence two sets of worksheet and textbook pages had to be created for publication.
A student textbook was developed for each grade K through 6. The textbooks incorporated pages from the LAB worksheet books as learning materials.

Two sets of text book pages were created - one set with answers and the another without. The set with answers was incorporated into the teacher's guide.
The LAB worksheets were prepared either in color or black and white depending upon the grade. All art had to be to scale to match tools used in the classroom.

Two sets of pages were created for each grade - one with answers and one without. The pages with answers marked were incorporated into the teacher's guide.